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(Solved) Rift S stays black or white points flashing


I recently bought an Oculus Rift S set and installed it to my PC; as of a misunderstanding or misreading I installed an additional USB 3.1 card with an USB A and C type port.

My system is a rather old one:
CPU Intel i5 3570k
Asus P8H77M-Pro mainboard
16 GB RAM @ 1666Mhz
Gigabye GTX 1660 OC 6GB
SSD storage

As I unpacked and installed the Oculus Rift S set for the first time I noticed problems during the installation / setup process (software) and started to read - finally I managed to get it working within seconds. I stumbled across a thread mentioning installing GeForce Experience software and thanks to this guy (I think it is the main reason).

Problems I encountered:
- random loss of display port connection (USB was always fine and connected to 3.1 A type port of extension card)
- sensor calibration was faulty (there are sensors in the glasses I think)
- no picture (glasses stayed black or I could only see controller lines or three flashing lights)

I re-read the specifications of Oculus Rift S and noticed that it needs a USB 3.0 type A port only, so I decided to change from USB 3.1 port to an USB 3.0 of the mainboard and I installed GeForce Experience (I never installed of used this because I did not need it).

I have not tested it right yet but I do not think it was because of the USB port change, but because of not having GeForce Experience installed - also I have to say, I created an account at GeForce Experience and installed the GeForce Gameready Driver for the card again (also there was a minor version change, because I bought the card two weeks ago).

I re-run setup and within a couple of seconds everything worked as expected ... and still does (knock on wood, press thumbs).

Hope this helps people who encountered the same problems.
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