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My games

hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 862
edited June 27 in Off-Topic
I made 2 games so far, from Udemy Unreal Blueprint courses. I will share them with you, you have to compile the pac man game but the ball rolling game i included the game too.

For the ball rolling game you can use the ps4 controller if you also install ds4windows the program to let ps4 controllers work in windows 10.

The pac man game only works on k/m, my first game so i wasnt fancy.

You have to click the dl snapshot button. To compile pacman install unreal 4.24.3 and then browse to folder, rename folder so its not a long name the long name breaks game compilation. Then go to file, package project, windows, windows 64 bit. choose where to save the built game and it will build. If it does not then its probably the marketplace add ons: infinity blade effects and infinity blade grasslands needs to be reinstalled. Might have to watch a YouTube video for how to do that its easy though, just go to marketplace search install add to project choose project its done.

I will keep uploading my finished games to sourceforge. when I finish them 1 at a time.


  • hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 862
    edited June 30
    here's my newest game the brick breaking game using a ball. Like pinball.

    It works with the ps4 controller if you use ds4windows in windows 10, otherwise you use your mouse.

    There's two main folders the game and source files. The game is ready to be played but you need the entire folder. same for my other game the ball rolling game you need the entire game folder. "windowsnoeditor"

    this game will ask you to quit or play again after losing or quitting, but the ps4 controller can't choose to choose you use the mouse.
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