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Oculus Rift S 'breaks' my audio settings.

Hello! Brand new Rift S user on a newly built computer. Anytime I have the Rift connected to my comp it overrides my Input and Output devices to the Oculus to default and (more importantly) changes my normal Headphones to "Headphones (Oculus Virtual Audio Device)" In my manager. It continues to use the RiftS microphone as well despite me having my USB stand-alone mic. 
Even when I disconnect the rift from my computer the output and input remain. I've since uninstalled the Oculus software from my computer because I cannot find any other way to get my regular sound and input back.

If anyone has any solution to be able to disable the audio device in manager without it ruining my Oculus Experience (I like to leave it plugged into my comp so I can just decide to pick up and play anytime - however I am able to unplug it between uses if that's helpful in any way to a solution) Please leave a response!

I'm using Windows 10 so if you could leave a step by step (and I mean step-by-step I'm not suuuuper savvy with the control panel still) I would really appreciate it! 
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