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How to share files without usb-cable

Mike-JBMike-JB Posts: 6
I need to share files (screenshots, drawings, video's,etc) with other but I cannot connect my Oculus Quest with a PC. There are various media platforms available (google, dropbox, facebook) to 'share' information, but I'm not able to save or move any of my files to these plaforms. How can I do that. Is there are file manager available, of is there an application like the Oculus Gallery available in which I can open a menu for sharing files wirelessly?


  • StrongitStrongit Posts: 70
    Hiro Protagonist
    SideQuest has an experimental wireless connection option but I don't know if you need to connect it via USB first in order for it to work.  Couldn't hurt to try it.
  • Mike-JBMike-JB Posts: 6
    Mmm... yes, I've ran into SideQuest, but you need to put your device in developper mode, not sure if I like that.
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