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Oculus Quest looks Low Res/Pixelated and ruins my experience with everything I do.

SonnyJ1mSonnyJ1m Posts: 1

I recently received my Oculus Quest and have immediately noticed that it looks slightly blurry, but more so low resolution or pixelated. I have a friend that has had a Quest for quite a while and he has shown me pictures of what he claims he sees when inside the Quest and mine looks nothing like them. I did not expect it to be perfect or anything, I still expected a noticeable screen-door effect and maybe minor blurriness. I have looked online for so many solutions and a majority of them say to adjust it, I have fine adjusted it at every level of IPD, and even the best I've gotten it is still terrible. The only things I think can be wrong with it are the lens, maybe the display, or my eyes specifically, which doesn't make sense because I have never had anything wrong with my eyes and my eye doctor says they are completely fine. I really want to fix this issue and my last resort would be to get a replacement for it. There are so many things I want to do with my Quest but every time I put it on it ruins my experience due to the Low Res/Pixelation.


  • ufcfanufcfan Posts: 20
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    Without being able to see what you see, it is hard to comment. My Quest seems fine as far as resolution, so if yours is pixelated to the point that it bothers you, I'm pretty sure there is a problem. Exchange/Return it
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