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Oculus Devs find a Way to increase the Quest Power by 67%...?

QVR-DudeQVR-Dude Posts: 31
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Has anyone heard anything new about this?  The headline was way back in March I think.
Will this ever happen?  Anyone...?


  • QVR-DudeQVR-Dude Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    So far 32 views minus my two views and no response.  PS5 is out December 20... count down till the end of Oculus in my life!  Oh how I'll miss the days of sudden, random periods of stuttering frame rate and the endless breakdowns of the guardian system.  Soon the days of 26.00 to 30.00 dollar games lasting between 1.5 hours to 2 hours will be a silly thing of the past.  But I will certainly miss the insane lack of honesty and courage and respect the Oculus team tirelessly shows their consumer base when it comes to issues like payment methods that fail- a problem that has plagued the company since the launch of the CV1.  How arrogant and spoiled I was to think submitting a support ticket would prompt a response from an actual human over a phone or Skype.  How ironic it is that Oculus happens to be owned by a company specializing in mass social promotion and yet can't gather the courage to bear hearing the sound of a real human voice- even if that voice is from a paying customer.

    All Oculus had to do was simply maintain viable communication with me and I would have gladly put up with almost anything.  Again, they're owned by a company that makes it money from social promotion so this should have been the easy part for them.  How Oculus... HOW, did it get this stupid this fast?  More than 5 years in and you can't give us a payment method that works properly.  How is your boss a social media giant?     
  • KentobiKentobi Posts: 169
    I’m gonna ignore your second post, but to your first:

    At that time, Oculus clearly stated that this was a research project and not something in current development for the Quest. 
  • QVR-DudeQVR-Dude Posts: 31
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    Yea, and what have they said lately?... about anything?!
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