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Rift S black screen

ThatGuyPsychicThatGuyPsychic Posts: 2
uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times now. originally uninstalled because it kept losing connection to steam VR and when I reinstalled it I was greeted by a blank black screen when I booted it back up. I have had so many issues and complaints with this product since I originally purchased it. from no warning when you buy a game in the oculus store that you are not be able to play it if you switch to say a vive headset. and now I have nothing but a black screen to try and fix. if Im unable to fins a fix for this I will be requesting a refund a $400 dollar product to lose connection so easily and to just go black screen for no reason after only a few months of off and on usage is unbelievable. 


  • MushroomiesMushroomies Posts: 46
    Brain Burst
    There is a YouTube video that addresses this problem and how to fix. I tried to post a link for you but I am too new here and it say I can not post a link yet. At YouTube it is titled Oculus Rift S Camera Static, Tracking & Black Screen Fixes (Updated) Just go to the search bar at YouTube and find it. I hope this will help, Good Luck
  • ofcardsofcards Posts: 2
    If by chance you are using the 20 series Nvdia cards I had success rolling back to the previous driver version 446.14.  I used DDU utility to uninstall the current version.
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