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Oculus rift right touch controller stopped working

OrangeXenosOrangeXenos Posts: 5
I was playing today when oculus app in my rift said that my batteries on my controller ran out for my right one, i get two batteries and replace in both the left and right controllers, my left one works perfectly fine but my right one isnt, i put in a different battery and still doesnt work, i tried re-pairing and not even the shining white light lit up! i dont know what happened but this problem with the controllers needs to be fixed.


  • MediasaurMediasaur Posts: 7
    Brain Burst
    This problem has been killing me recently and I'm currently in a conversation with support about it, I'll let you know what they tell me about it but so far they've just done the usual "check your drivers", etc. 
  • NijNij Posts: 319
    Nexus 6
    Was about to start a thread about the same thing until I seen this

    Slightly different issue with me, my left controller's thumbstick seems to have become defective, when you push forward it intermittently starts and stops movement, making most games unplayable as you obviously use it for walking

    Everything else works fine with it, even pushing down on it lets you run, and I've done all the usual checks, replacing batteries, re-pairing, so definately think it's hardware related, been in talks with oculus for a few days now so just need to wait to see what they say

    Anyone who has had this, do you know what the process is, I got my rift s 23.05.2019 so do you get a year or 2 years guarantee with it (in the UK)

    If they won't replace it will I just be expected to purchase another one, definately no physical damage to my controller, I've not hit anything with it yet :D
    I was a believer!! I was a Kickstarter backer!! Now I shall reap the rewards!!! :D:D:D
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