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Oculus rift right touch controller stopped working

I was playing today when oculus app in my rift said that my batteries on my controller ran out for my right one, i get two batteries and replace in both the left and right controllers, my left one works perfectly fine but my right one isnt, i put in a different battery and still doesnt work, i tried re-pairing and not even the shining white light lit up! i dont know what happened but this problem with the controllers needs to be fixed.


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 804 Oculus Staff
    Hey @OrangeXenos create a ticket at so we can look into the controller issue for you - Principe
  • MediasaurMediasaur Posts: 7
    Brain Burst
    Same here bro. I'm in a support convo right now and there's not much public info to fix it so just make a ticket and/or keep checking for updates all over your PC.
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