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can i5 4570 run quest link

oculuslover8383oculuslover8383 Posts: 14
hi how well in reallity?


  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 810
    edited June 29
    The min CPU specified for Link is the i5 4590, there isn't really much difference between this and the 4570, but It's whether Oculus have added it to the allow list for use within the PC software and support it. 

    I have a gaming laptop with i7 9750H, which is around 22% faster on average than your CPU. I find performance on Link to be just acceptable in my opinion, but I also have an RTX 2080 Max Q GPU. 

    What GPU do you have? 
  • oculuslover8383oculuslover8383 Posts: 14
    hi i dont have a gpu yet. i am building a pc best bong for bock so i was looking a 4570 4590. when you say acceptable just acceptable what do you mean . With link it is not so in the flow? lags or stutter?  
    do you know a better cpu i could get like used that is good value?
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