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Can't edit sharpness in Virtual Desktop, please advise me :)

Longfellow78Longfellow78 Posts: 11
I have Virtual Desktop running fine, but I can't seem to adjust the sharpness of the picture like with OTT.

I know Virtual Desktop doesn't support OTT, but I thought Steam Super Sampling was supposed to work with VD but it does nothing at all no matter what I set it to (Steam SS also seems to do nothing with the Link Cable either?)

Also I've seen screenshots of Virtual Desktop settings that show Supersampling options, (perhaps an older version or for CV1/S) and I see talk of an MSAA setting in VD, but it's nowhere to be found for me.

Please can someone help me?

p.s. link works fine and I have a rtx 2080.


  • hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 871
    edited June 30
    I used the nvidia sharpener when I used vr with my rift. Maybe its been patched.
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