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Beat Saber Discussion Community Thing

ImBob9ImBob9 Posts: 8
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I AM NOT A COMPLETE EXPERT, just so you know. This is a place to talk about Beat Saber and how you are doing in it and news about is.


  • ImBob9ImBob9 Posts: 8
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    I mostly play a lot of beat saber on  expert. In case you wanted to know
  • ImBob9ImBob9 Posts: 8
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    edited June 30

  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 2,306 Valuable Player
    We have a GAMES section.  THERE is where you talk about GAMES.

  • ImBob9ImBob9 Posts: 8
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  • ImBob9ImBob9 Posts: 8
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    I think I can still have a Beat Saber Discussion
  • FelicityCFelicityC Posts: 147
    edited July 2
    beat saber hurts my shoulders so i refunded it :z(
    8700k @ 5ghz allcore, 2070 Super, 3200mhz 2x8gb memory @ CL16 1T, 1tb wd sn750, msi z370 gaming plus, overheating from OVRserver_x64
  • FangzhouFangzhou Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    Since March some update causing a problem that the controller tracking prediction not as good as before. When move the controller fast, the direction of the controller become random. I used to play Beat Saber with Expert+ & Faster Song & No Arrow, but after that update my scores suddenly drops by 10% to 20%. 
    Maybe Oculus is focusing on the new features like hand tracking and that somehow slightly affects the controller tracking, but for Beat Saber that "slightly" becomes "significantly". I still use Quest for Beat Saber, but I cannot beat my previous high score ever..a little bit sad
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