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Rift S - Tracking Broken since v18

ZoralbackZoralback Posts: 6
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Video showing the issue :

Soo,first of all everything was working perfectly fine on previous versions,never had any tracking issues of any kind
But starting v18 update my tracking is broken when the two controllers are connected at the same time

What i'm trying to showcase in the video :

-Using 2 controllers you can see there is a phantom controller stuck and flashing,can be either on the left one or right one,or both . In this case it's only the left one
-after i remove the battery from one controller everything works fine again
- if I go back to 2 controllers connected at the same time the issue comes back again 

Of course since there is no way to downgrade to a working version I can't use my headset at all  :)


  • mike.mccann.1717mike.mccann.1717 Posts: 1
    I have an identical problem
  • groy1groy1 Posts: 4
    Same problem, everything was working fine, then ver. 18 downloaded and installed, and my tracking went to sh*t.
  • LavaMonkeyLavaMonkey Posts: 5
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    I already put my voice to this in another thread, but I'm going to add to this. This update also broke the tracking, just as the OP said and has made it completely unplayable. This seems like something that really, really needs to be addressed and fast.
  • legendlcoxlegendlcox Posts: 8
    I have the same problem
  • MarcolivedeMarcolivede Posts: 2
    Ich have the same problem too 
  • Netmaster22Netmaster22 Posts: 1
    I'm seeing major tracking issues playing Echo Arena with the latest update (updated on 7/1). 
  • lensmandavelensmandave Posts: 365
    edited July 2
    Open a support ticket and let everyone know how you progress. This is just a community forum, support may not see your posts.
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