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My Fave VR Tuber

ufcfanufcfan Posts: 64
Hiro Protagonist
If any of you are interested in Gameplay vids. This is the guy to watch.  He doesn't really do reviews, he just plays the games (very well), has hilarious running commentary throughout and genuinely seems to relish in the experience of VR.  If you're thinking about getting a game or you have it, but you want some insight into level play.  A Wolf in VR is the guy to watch (IMHO)
Old Guy that's involved in anything Tech, Computer, Hi Fi Audio, Video & Photo Editing for longer than most have been around   
My first HD was 10mb and I was the envy of my geek buddies and the Idiot of the year to my soon to be Ex wife
btw You could by a brand new car off the lot for $5000 and we drove an older model sedan lol
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