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(Quest) No low battery notification?

VipeNessVipeNess Posts: 11
Can we please get an battery/number  indicator similar to when you are casting to a chromecast device (red dot) when your oculus quest's battery gets to 5% in red and shows all the way to 0% before turning off.  We tested out what happens when you get to zero battery on the Quest and it just powers down.  This type of on screen notification would be great!


  • nishruu2nishruu2 Posts: 49
    Brain Burst
    i quess you are speaking of in "game"....I have not run to 0% but good to know.
    And i agree, tell me before a hard shut down for low battery
  • ChiliMangoChiliMango Posts: 1
    Would really appreciate a low battery warning notification overlay while in-game. I certainly use to get one on occasion for the headset battery but recently have been just watching as my headset dies on me with no notification.  I would ask for one for the controllers too, but considering I use rechargeable, it probably wouldn't read the power right and the notification would not be helpful.
  • Pixie40Pixie40 Posts: 173
    I too have had my headset die on me, which is the first indication the battery was getting low. There is a "low battery" notification popup, but it's inconsistent. Some games it will appear while you play, others it wont and your first indication is when the Quest shuts off.
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