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Creed: Rise to Glory PvP

Hi all,
I bought the Creed yesterday to play PvP mainly. But there was nobody. I was waiting for 10 x 2 minutes.
It is quite frustrating.
The question is maybe somebody wants to play sometimes, we can add each other to the friend list ???
Or maybe is there an existing topic where people negotiate about do boxing in Creed for Quest?

I`ve found the same topic on Steam platform, but Quest players can`t play against Steam players if I understood correctly. 


  • klassik86klassik86 Posts: 3
    Today evening it was better (3 fightings, max 4 minutes waiting). Let see tomorrow.
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 8,058 Valuable Player
    edited July 2020
    I really liked this game when it first came out, but then players started to work out you could do certain repetitive moves to easily win. There's been no patch to fix these issues so I think people started to abandon the game. I know that's the reason I stop playing plus I got beaten up by a girl once :D
    I just wish Thrill Of The Fight was multiplayer because it's an excellent boxing game.
  • klassik86klassik86 Posts: 3
    >  do certain repetitive moves to easily win. 
    Yeah, I noticed yesterday that one teen did boxing as a girl style, smacked hands, not boxing style.
    If it is really exploited by all it is sad. :(
    Is there some way to beat them? blocks?

    That is because I suggested looking for normal players... 
    And create a boxing club with honest rules :) hit only like in a real boxing

    > I just wish Thrill Of The Fight was multiplayer because it's an excellent boxing game.
    Same for me :( 

    Anyway I`ll add you 
  • shindo400shindo400 Posts: 2
    Add me and I’ll show you how to beat that 
  • shindo400shindo400 Posts: 2
    I’ve added all you guys who has posted on this page. See you hopefully for a match 
  • BrianLas24BrianLas24 Posts: 7
    Brain Burst
    I have looked for people to play a bunch, I have had one person live that I did PVP against
    Add me as well
  • LuisDinamitaArroyoLuisDinamitaArroyo Posts: 1
    I just recently start playing PVP and I will like to join a group of people that have some boxing experience. 
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 8,058 Valuable Player
    edited November 2020
  • MrMuhanadMrMuhanad Posts: 1
    I am in add me for pvp 
  • Posts: 1
    add me too
  • X1ShotX1MissXX1ShotX1MissX Posts: 1
    Feel free to add me too for PVP
  • Francis285Francis285 Posts: 1
    Same to me, add me too guys
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