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Fortnite With Touch Controllers?

SpaceByteSpaceByte Posts: 4
edited July 13 in Support
So I am pretty good at Fortnite on controller, not really a good game, just play it when I'm bored, I also have an Oculus rift, I thought since you can use an Xbox controller with your headset, it'd be possible to reverse engineer that, I thought they used similar hardware, & software, but I guess not. I saw some people use Bigscreen, etc. To play Fortnite, but they either use controller or keyboard and mouse, I'd like to know if I can use my touch controllers in anyway, like a Touch > Xbox Controller app, so I can get a more, true experience with Fortnite VR, and so I can, well, in general, just use them over my wired controller, because its not really working anymore, they have basically the same amount of buttons. The grab buttons are the lb & rb buttons, and the rest is basically the same, theres just two of them.

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