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Oculus Link is just black and then Oculus client says "Oculus is not working."

tigerty1017tigerty1017 Posts: 3
edited July 16 in Support
alright so im gonna keep this short and simple
(using included charging cable)
when trying to use Oculus link, Oculus Home does not appear, and it's just a black screen. i've tried reinstalling the Oculus client many times, and it never works.the Oculus client also closes most games i try to play including minecraft, roblox, csgo, any many more when opening them.
if this is only happening to me i'm going to commit superhot show your dedication
tl;dr oculus link not working, just a black screen and oculus client has a problem

edit: pc specs:
GTX 1660ti
Intel i7-9750H


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