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Orange Light Black screen

Hello i was moving my room around the oculus was working fine but when plugged everything in it stopped working i had a orange light and black screen
i tried updating my drivers, reset my computer fixed usb power settings turned off usb legacy
i ran as admin nothing still works
please help
my specs
Rtx 2070
intel i5
16gb ram
windows 10


  • MushroomiesMushroomies Posts: 200
    Nexus 6
    The only time I get the orange light is when I have a bad connection, If you have another usb, Try that and reboot the headset, You will see reboot in the settings in the Beta tab If I remember correctly
  • tercerseistercerseis Posts: 1
    Did you fix the issue? I'm having this same problem, it was working just fine a couple hours ago
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