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Now that samsung has dropped Gear VR, what to do? (SM-R322)

SullyPanda76SullyPanda76 Posts: 1
just upgrded mi Galaxy S6 to S10.
I had the Gear VR "SM-322" (aka the white ones"). They had micro usb
While searching for the piece to turn the to usb c (no, the one that can be change is a newer model, "the black") i learned samsung has dropped Gear VR.
Such a pitty!.... even android 10 now has zero support for VR....

Do my VR lens just transformed themself into a nice museum piece?


    Brain Burst
    Steam still supports the GEAR VR I believe.  
  • DaddyBearkatDaddyBearkat Posts: 1
    when I got there gear VR using it with my Samsung phone I was stoked super happy. all of a sudden I get a new phone my goggles don't fit all my stuff is useless and I was done with Samsung.. I tried to get the Google pixel 2 and their goggles when it was first out and what a disappointment that was. I recently just got the quest to what would really like to revisit some of my old paid for games? is that possible in the new quest to?

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