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Play'a Video Player

Tym3Tym3 Posts: 2
Can anyone tell me what websites are supported by this app?


  • MushroomiesMushroomies Posts: 200
    Nexus 6
    Don't understand the question, What App are you talking about?
  • Tym3Tym3 Posts: 2
    The Play'a Video Player app. What websites are supported?  Thanks.
  • MushroomiesMushroomies Posts: 200
    Nexus 6
    edited July 27
    There is always You Tube for the Play'a, The App covers all types of Headsets, Depends on the creator of the VR Movie. Your question is a hard one to answer.
    You could just ask the creators of the app.
    Well, You can get the free Viveport Video that connects you to all kinds of Videos from all over the world, It works for the Rift, Is this of any help? You can watch You tube VR Videos with the You Tube VR player but I have been told that there is so problems with that. I dont know about that one. Your Play'a should work at You Tube.
    Here is a link to the free Viveport Video download, 

    If you are looking for a generic VR Video player for just watching downloaded VR Videos, I use one called Simple Video Player I purchased at Steam. That is the name. Simple Video Player
    Sorry I am not of more help, Maybe some else will see your post and give you a better answer.
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