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So Close with Bigscreen Beta

PhotoninjaPhotoninja Posts: 12
After hours of long convoluted steps, I can see my desktop on the big screen in Bigscreen Beta. But now the virtual desktop is frozen. I can move around the room. I can manipulate the BSB options and screens. but I cant click on anything on my desktop. I have tried the Steam version and the Oculus app version in Windows 10.
What else is there to do? 


  • PhotoninjaPhotoninja Posts: 12
    Oh yeah. I'm using the Quest.
  • Pixie40Pixie40 Posts: 173
    It's an... okay app for streaming your desktop. Bit cumbersome though. And there's too much input lag for playing PC games, I thought. Really, if the app freezes, you may have to restart it. Yes, restarting the PC app needed to make desktop streaming work too.
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