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Constant Freezing with new Firmware V19.0

dhldhl Posts: 8
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Ever since updating to version 19, my Quest crashes whenever I take the headset off. What happens is if I go outside my guardian and take off the headset, when I put it back on, the UI will be frozen with a message saying something like "Tracking lost, the controllers can't be found". Because the UI is frozen, the only way to fix is with a hard restart. This seems to happen daily. FW 19 seems really broken. Anyone else having this problem? Oculus devs, please fix! Thanks!


  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,974 Volunteer Moderator
    Does it happen if you put the headset on when you're still outside the guardian area? or also when you go back inside then put the headset on?

    Can't say I've ever gone outside guardian wearing the headset but I'll test it out tonight.
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  • clacurtisclacurtis Posts: 4
    I put on the headset outside of the Guardian area, and it complained it couldn't find the Guardian. When I moved back to my normal spot and waited a few minutes, it found it again. It might just be a matter of being patient. 
  • stephan.raabestephan.raabe Posts: 3
    Same for me. Crashes all the time since a few weeks. Screen and sound freezing then back screen. Maybe really a software issue of V19.
  • Icepick869Icepick869 Posts: 25
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    I'm also having this issue. Having not found this during a search I posted a new thread.
     "Lost tracking after waking from standby requiring hard reboot

    When I set down the headset to do something and it has gone into standby I get the Tracking Lost message. This occurs the most when I have paused a game for this purpose. That is annoying enough, but the fact that the controllers and hand tracking are locked out requiring the power button be held until it starts the shutdown makes it worse! Why is there no way to force the headset to re-examine the tracking or ignore the tracking loss?"

    Moderators, one of you might want to get rid of that to reduce duplication. Thank you.
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