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"Your computer doesn't meet the updated minimum specifications" Error

j4jenkj4jenk Posts: 1
I know link for Quest is still officially in beta, but I'm supper annoyed with the inability to turn off the error message.  

I'm running the quest on the link software and keep getting the message "Your computer doesn't meet the updated minimum specifications, which can lead to poor experience in VR." I can dismiss it on the PC software, but can't in the headset.

I'm not sure why I'm getting this message, given that I believe my pc is well above minimum. I'm running a Ryzen 3600, with 32Gig of RAM, and an 5600XT video card. It is plugged into a USB 3 port, and is reporting 2.0 Gbps of bandwidth when I run the test in the PC software.

I believe the system is performing well as I get a steady 72fps in Half-Life Alyx according to fpsVR.

Is there some other component that I'm not accounting for? Is there some secret way to dismiss the notification in the headset? 


  • ufcfanufcfan Posts: 65
    Hiro Protagonist
    I have the exact same components which I upgraded from my r2400 rx570. It is super annoying but I haven't found any way to disable it.. and I've researched it extensively. Even if your system is under spec (which it isn't) you only have to tell me once? Once I've acknowledged it, bugger off and don't bother me again. It shouldn't be that hard to institute.
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  • MegalithikMegalithik Posts: 56
    Brain Burst
    The supported hardware in their hardware check is around 2 years behind what is available in retail channels.  You just have to ignore it there's nothing you can do about it.
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