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Oculus App won't recognize Quest but Sidequest will.

SW_CeleritySW_Celerity Posts: 1
For some reason, I have my Quest plugged into my PC but the Oculus app can't find it when I try and set up a headset. I am using a usb c to usb a Anker cord, all of the reviews online said that it worked perfectly with Oculus Link, my PC does not have a usb c (aka 3.0 I think) port, just usb a (aka 2.0 I think). I can go into the files on my Quest in the file explorer with no issue, I can sideload games onto my Quest with the Sideload application with no issue, but for some reason, I cannot get the Oculus app to recognize that the headset is plugged in. It keeps saying, "Connect Your Headset" and the only button I can click on is the one that says, "Quit Setup". I just want to play Minecraft VR but the Oculus app/software won't recognize my Quest. I'd really appreciate any help that I can get.


  • Pixie40Pixie40 Posts: 173
    To start with, try flipping the USB C end around and plugging it back into the headset. Also make sure you're using the latest version of both the Oculus pc app and Quest update. It should have a pop-up when you first plug the cable in (this is in VR mind you) to enable Link.
  • Icepick869Icepick869 Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    There are some USB 3 ports that don't work with Quest due to a chipset issue. I'm not sure if the update that allows 2.0 fixed it, but it is a good possibility it didn't. I had to buy a PCI card to add USB 3 on my old MB and that worked for me. Sorry this was a while ago, so I don't have the link to the information which also identified the chipset manufacturer with the issue.
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