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"Oculus App Runtime Isn't Responding" - Oculus Quest

I've had a my quest for about 10 months now but recently every time I turn on my device it takes a substantial amount of time to load up than it used to. And when the logo disappears, which indicates its finished loading, I am stuck on a plain black screen, and no matter how much I wait it remains blank.

However if I press the power button twice, to turn it off then on whilst in the black screen, I am then greeted to a pop-up saying "Oculus app runtime isn't responding" and it give me two options, "Wait" or "Close app".

Upon pressing the "close app" option, I am finally onto the boundary start-up and able to play on my quest with no issues.

When pressing the "wait' option, I am stuck on the blank, black screen and I have to press the power button twice like before.

I am rather concerned about this happening to the device and hoping I can get some answers and a possible fix.

The Quest is up to date with all updates. I have also used sidequest to download a few games onto the device also.


  • SpiffingGoldfishSpiffingGoldfish Posts: 3

    I forgot to charge my Quest up and it died however, the issue has stopped although I am not sure if it is temporarily or permanent. I will do another update later in time.
  • bbbrrromezbbbrrromez Posts: 2
    same thing happened to mine and a reset to did not resolve the problem- is your fine now?
  • SpiffingGoldfishSpiffingGoldfish Posts: 3
    @bbbrrromez After the quest got drained of battery, it stopped doing the issue all together for me. Sorry for the long response time, hope you manage to fix the issue.
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