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Lone Echo (1 & 2) on HP Reverb G2

sford52sford52 Posts: 180
Will I be able to play Lone Echo (1 & 2) on HP Reverb G2 headset? Or is it locked to Oculus only ?

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  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 7,422 Valuable Player
    You'll be able to play it if the latest Revive Supports it, or you could get an older version of Revive if the new one doesn't.
  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 5,965 Valuable Player
    edited July 31
    Lone Echo looks horrible using Index, jaggies are everywhere. Looks ok with res 200% and 4xMSAA, but jaggies are still there. I get close to 30 fps and it's really unplayable. Good luck with the G2 ;)

    Using CV1 ss 2.0 my 45 fps look like 90 - of course I get the SDE and the lower res, but I greatly prefer that - and temporal antialiasing removes all jaggies. Temporal antialiasing (TAA) looks very blurry using lcd hmds, you need the much more gpu taxing MSAA for lcd hmds instead. Using TAA and CV1 you don't need any MSAA. 

    After testing Index in several Oculus exclusive titles, I bought another CV1 for back-up - better safe than sorry. Also for the very dark games. Maybe Odyssey+ and Vive Pro will be great too if you have a very fast gpu, but I don't see myself using only lcd yet. 
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