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Order transaction after email confirmation?

RoxasZy98RoxasZy98 Posts: 3
I bought an Oculus rift s at 27th july and i used Paypal as my method and i still see no transaction of money. Does the transaction happen once the order is ready to ship? That being said i technically did not "buy" it yet. Also i was pretty concerned there is not that much detail on what open order and such mean  so i saw a discussion about an order being "stuck on opened" and they said its probably waiting to be shipped. that 


  • RoxasZy98RoxasZy98 Posts: 3
    sorry about that "that" at the end of the message. i decided to say the sentence i wanted to say elsewhere and i forgot to erase that part
  • MushroomiesMushroomies Posts: 200
    Nexus 6
    edited July 31
    They do not take the money until they ship it.
    Your Order open means one is set aside for you and only you.
    It will stay on open for around 10 days give or take a day or two. Then it will change to process for shipping. That will last a few days too. Then it will change to Shipped, If you are in the United States, It will be shipped UPS 2day Air. The whole process takes around two weeks. There has been rare cases of it taking a little longer and a few cases where it was shipped out sooner but on average it is a two week process. 
    Like I said this is the way it works most of the time, Not all but most. Hang in there and see you soon in the VR World  ;)
  • RoxasZy98RoxasZy98 Posts: 3
    seriously. thank you :smile: i had a feeling that might be the case but having someone confirm it has taken a huge weight off my chest. i am in Finland so i might need to pay import fees from US to EU. luckily i have experience on how to do it. unless the item ships from somewhere inside EU of course. once again. thank you kind
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