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Terrible Lag

I got an oculus rift s today, after wanting one for a while. I was exited to fire it up and got started on beat saber, but it was lagging so bad it was unplayable, i tried again in minimum settings and it was better but still unplayable. I heard this could be a problem with steam vr (which i was running the game on) so i got beat saber refunded through steam and instead bought it though the oculus store which on that version i was able to get through the first half of songs until it starts lagging. i factory reset my laptop hoping this would solve the issue but it didnt. Whats the problem?
My laptop is an Alienware m15 r1 Vr ready laptop. 
These are the specs
Os: windows 10
Processor: Intel core I7 9750H cpu
Memory: 16 GB ram (15.8 usable)
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070
Direct x: version 2 
and i have a ton of extra storage due to it being recently factory reset.
is my laptop the issue? is there a fix for this as its super laggy even on minimum settings. id like to keep my rift s because of the access to steam vr games but if necessary i will return and get a quest instead, but would like to hear possible fixes before


  • Drewdziew73Drewdziew73 Posts: 2
    edit: now i cant even use it at all because its lagging that bad. it works for like 5 minutes after i restart my rift and laptop then starts lagging a bunch again
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