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amayucasamayucas Posts: 2


Why this update? I just write this comment in English because it looks like you didn't try the Spanish version (display menus with cut names or comments in English). I don't understand why u deleted all gyms and removed options like changing the color of the gloves or see all the stats when we finish an exercise. Really bad move BOX VR.


  • devlynsydedevlynsyde Posts: 1
    This forced update is very disappointing.  They changed the stuff I liked about BoxVR and, kept the stuff I didn't like.  The overwhelming majority of new reviews for FitXR in the Oculus app store are 1-star reviews of people complaining about the changes.  The developer is responding to those with variations of cut-and-paste response about appreciating the feedback.

    I see that the developer just got a round of venture capital funding ($7.5 million – press release on their site – apparently, I am not allowed to include links here).  My guess is that, possibly due to pressure from the VCs, they concluded that they needed to do something to drive more in-app purchases.  So, removal of the custom playlists may be aimed at pushing people to pay for more "classes."

    The rest of the changes just seem like bumbling.  Maybe they thought they knew how people were using BoxVR and, tailored the update to that.  It seems like they probably didn't do any competent research with real users, though.

  • AnbaricAnbaric Posts: 1
    If you email [email protected] by 23 August, giving them the email address linked to your Oculus account and requesting access to BoxVR, they will enable a version selector on the FitXR Store page that lets you roll back to BoxVR by reinstalling.

  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,408 Valuable Player
    Well that's not really acceptable, is it? You shouldn't have to email the devs to get what you paid for.

    I agree with the OP and devlyn. If they are going to change the game and title, they should give everyone a reset on the refund option.

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