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Where is my Quest? Is it back-ordered? Order does not show up in profile.

plzseedplzseed Posts: 1
Order# 4139982049406890
I was charged for the case that is also on the order and have already received it. There is no indication that the Quest head-set is going to ship. I have not been charged for it. So as it stands, I have a case for a theoretical device. I'd be yelling at someone on the phone right now if I could find a phone number to do so.


  • MushroomiesMushroomies Posts: 200
    Nexus 6
    edited July 31
    If you were not sign in when you purchased your Headset, It would have been purchased under a guest account. It will not show up on purchases. If you want to find out if in fact your order went through, Put in a Support ticket. You will not be charged for the headset until it actually ships. Support can tell you this if you put in a ticket. I made this mistake and to this day it still does not show up and I received mine almost a month ago. Your case would not ship at the same time as your headset. Don't worry, All is good, Just check with support. Also you might want to edit your post with your order number and remove that. Just for safety concerns
  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 895 Oculus Staff
    Hey @plzseed the order was placed as a Guest, as such it wouldn't be able to be linked to your account. However it can be viewed using the email and order number here. As for the headset, it notes as being shipped out yesterday with delivery being estimated for end of today. If you have any further concerns, questions or issues, reach out to Support here. - Principe
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