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"my devices"

tino.lazarofftino.lazaroff Posts: 5
So, I purchased a Go about 6 months back but returned it due to seemingly failing battery out of the box and just today I've purchased a Rift S... but under my devices, I have the old Go under my devices which I'd like to remove since I don't own it, but I also don't have the S - which I assume should show no?  I mean I can see it in the oculus software of course but not on my profile page in the devices tab online.


  • MushroomiesMushroomies Posts: 201
    Nexus 6
    I know you can open the oculus program and click on devices, Then click on the little arrow next to the device, The window pops open and down on the bottom is has remove device. I don't know about it as far as your account.
  • tino.lazarofftino.lazaroff Posts: 5
    Thanks Mushroomies. Ya that doesnt seem to do anything to my account. In fact I found that I still have an Oculus in my "my rift hardware" that was one I borrowed to mess with a few years back off a co-worker in my office. Its in there but my new Rift is not showing and no where can I see on the site itself to manage the hardware. I at least want to have my brand new Rift S in and the old stuff out :) 
  • MushroomiesMushroomies Posts: 201
    Nexus 6
    Yes, That is a good question you have. I guess if no one here at the Forums jumps in and gives you a good answer to resolve this. Perhaps support can clear this up. I wish you the best with this problem
  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 6,369 Volunteer Moderator
    edited August 2
    Well, I'm confused, in my account...

    'My Rift' shows just my CV1
    'My Devices' shows just my Quest
    'My Orders' shows my CV1, Quest and Rift-S.

    No idea what's going on there so I'm not surprised your account isn't showing your devices properly. I did remove my Rift-S from My Devices in the Oculus app to check how to do that when answering someone else's account question yesterday but I'm pretty sure that doesn't remove the device from my account's device list, just the app's device list, but tbh I didn't check my account before doing it.

    Edit: my DK2's not listed at all :(
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  • bl7906bl7906 Posts: 1
    I have a Quest 2, on the Oculus App I see my device, but when I log into Oculus on a PC and look under my device, it says I don't have any.   Any thoughts?
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