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I just received the update for Drop Dead zombie game has anyone noticed the issues with it.

hazman60hazman60 Posts: 3
My weapons seem shakey, the zombies come out faster, that's a good thing.  My hand controller and weapon seem to not follow my movements as I control them.
The game s


  • hazman60hazman60 Posts: 3
    To say the weapons are always off is not what I mean, just sporadic times. and sometimes the zombies slow down their movement. The last thing is I am playing in solo mode, haven't tried partner mode 
  • Pixie40Pixie40 Posts: 173
    Eh, haven't played Drop Dead in a while. Been stuck on the 2nd mission where you're doing the hay ride through the swamp area.
  • hazman60hazman60 Posts: 3
    2nd update fixed my issues.
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