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De Leon Legends VR Game

Technowizard-Technowizard- Posts: 2
edited August 8 in Showcase


I am one of the devs working on De Leon Legends, a pirate-themed action-adventure VR game. My team and I started working on this game halfway through 2018.  

This year we sadly had to put it on hold, but I still work on it during my free time. One big change I did was passing the project to a new rendering system of Unity.

I wanted to share some images showing the improvements from before using the standard render pipeline (SRP) and the new high definition render pipeline (HDRP).  

We do plan on continuing the development of the game once we find more time, hopefully in the near future.

It does not allow me to link websites on this post but for videos of the gameplay prototype (using the old rendering system) in Youtube search "de leon vr" or go to our website www(dot) under games tab. 


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