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Payments Disabled due to unusual activity. Oculus Support can't help.

FunJumprFunJumpr Posts: 8
Brain Burst
I'm getting this error:
"We've notice unusual payment activity on your account and for your security, payments have been disabled. Please contact support for assistance."

I opened a ticket stating the error I was receiving and that I would like to unlock payments. They responded by suggesting I make sure I have adequate funds on that card and to make sure II was using the right ZipCode.....After explaining the problem a few times it finally got elevated. I did as was asked and verified my account name, email, and sent a picture of the card to prove I physical have it and I got this response:

Thanks for the contact us again.
It could be there is an outstanding issue with Facebook team.
We are unable to assist with any Oculus payment troubleshooting until the matching Facebook account is resolved.
Please contact Facebook support and submit a form to see if they can resolve this issue.
Once the issue is resolved with the Facebook support please contact us again.

I don't know what Issue I'm supposed to resolve with the Facebook...

Anyways I filled out that form twice. Both times they send back a message saying "We see you're having trouble with your Portal order". I didn't even know what Portal was, it's like some tablet app. Obviously they just don't read the support tickets. Anyways just for confirmation I opened a chat with their Facebook Portal Support it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Oculus. I asked if there was a general Facebook Payments support and they had no idea what I was asking...

So now what do I do? Oculus is telling me this is not a problem they can fix. Facebook support has nothing to do with this.... I feel like I'm losing my mind here. No one from Oculus Support has even recognized the actual error yet even though they asked for a picture and I sent them a screenshot of exactly what I'm getting.

Just kind flummoxed by the whole thing.


  • balkiebbalkieb Posts: 2
    Did you ever manage to get this sorted? I have similar message when I try to buy something but can't get it fixed (even with changing payment method).
    They even gave me $10 free credit that I now can't use!
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