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Roblox VR Toggle Button missing

ItsAwesome2252ItsAwesome2252 Posts: 2
edited August 29 in Games and Apps
I have the Oculus Quest and had played VR on Roblox for a few weeks. We just got a new gaming laptop (better and has all the specs that Oculus needs) and the VR toggle button does not show up in Roblox VR games. I went to Menu then Settings and the VR button is not there. I have researched this for hours and can't find a way to fix it. How do I get the VR button to show up so I can play Roblox again? It won't work and I am assuming it is because I don't have the VR toggle. We have a new Anker cable so that isn't it. 


  • Pixie40Pixie40 Posts: 506
    edited August 29
    It's possible that the laptop doesn't actually meet the specs to run Roblox in VR. If you've previously been using a desktop, keep in mind that a laptop GPU is going to be less powerful then the desktop one, even if they have the same name. You'll have to check if your laptop's GPU actually is capable of running the game in VR or not.

    EDIT: It's also possible that your laptop's graphics card is VR capable, but Oculus Link doesn't support it.
  • ItsAwesome2252ItsAwesome2252 Posts: 2
    It’s the Omen HP Valkyrie 16gb R7 1660Ti . From what so can tell it should work fine with Roblox/Oculus . 
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