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Oculus credit notification disappeared

quadbotquadbot Posts: 1
edited August 31 in Support
So, around a week ago I got a notification on my phone about 10$ Oculus store credit coupon. I thought I could activate it from an app later, but now I can't find it anywhere.
Did it expire or something? :(


  • MadMax1998MadMax1998 Posts: 78
    Hiro Protagonist
    Weird, I was awarded 8€ store credit last night too; my iphone Oculus app notified me of it. Why does Oculus hand out credits like this? Did I do something to deserve it?

    Now for the OP's question, my notification said that the credit will expire on September 10. So yes, yours may have expired. To check, log in to your Oculus account on, go to "my account" and then to see your payment methods. The store credit should appear there if it's still there, and you can set it as the default payment option.
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,204 Volunteer Moderator
    edited September 4
    They do expire quickly (usually good for about a week), so if you didn't claim it, perhaps you missed out. You might have also got an email about it (I did for mine), so you can check if you have that (it could be in your junk mail folder). You have to claim it from the link in the notification or email before it will show up on your account.
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  • kenshinescakenshinesca Posts: 6
    Brain Burst
    Thanks was wondering what happened to my credit as well.  What is weird is they disappear on the app before their actual expiration date which is very dumb.
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