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ZAFZAF Posts: 12
I have had 4 RIFTS.  3 were RIFT CV1s. 1 was RIFT S.  All  RIFT CV1s had Audio (Left and/or right ear phones break) issues within a couple of months of unboxing. The 1st was replaced and 1 month later same issue and was not replaced because it was not under warranty WTF. The 2nd they would not replace because it was purchased from AMAZON USA despite no issue sending it to Australia and support link to them.
The RIFT S Purchased 27th July 2020 lost MIC 30th August 2020 - yes a month after unboxing. I only play poker always sitting down. Never dropped or misused in any way - Still looks brand new not a scratch on it. OCULUS Know of all your problems and they DON'T CARE. 


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,152 Oculus Staff
    Hello @ZAF I checked up on your case, and with the microphone we're working with you to identify what may be the cause. Typically it's a system USB port or driver issue rather than the headset. As for the Rift headsets, under both original warranty as well as the replacement warranty period, they weren't able to be replaced. If you have any additional concerns or questions, you can follow up on your ticket. - Principe
  • robert.leach.313robert.leach.313 Posts: 1
    need a new oculus quest vr left hand, controller. it cracked
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