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flight sims and pass through key

briandarkbriandark Posts: 2
Seen this posted by a few people now that fly flight sims and love the immersion VR gives but cannot use their switch panels.
This is not a way to use the pass through to see your panels but a way of keeping on your headset on for 100% of the time.
I fly IL2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad that has many keystroke functions so i bought switch panels to make this easier than trying to remember that left control plus 1 will get the flare gun and left control tilde will put the flare gun away  and many many more configurations.
I was told about a program that is perfect for VR, i can now fly  with my headset on press my map key on my joystick and make it zoom in or out left or right by saying zoom in or move left.
I can select my flare gun by just saying  red flare.
I can put the flare gun away by just saying remove gun.
I can see the online stats of our battle by saying scoreboard.
The list of things is endless by using a program called Voice Attack.
This program selects keystrokes for your joystick and keyboard by voice commands.
When in multiplayer games and i get shot down i can say escape and my game goes back to the selection page to choose another aircraft without lifting my headset at all. 
I do not have any connections with the developer of Voice Attack apart from buying the full version for a small amount of money after using the free version, just sharing this information for anyone who is interested. 


  • lensmandavelensmandave Posts: 430
    Yep, great app. Only problem I have wife keeps asking..Why do you keep shouting 'Bail out! Bail out!
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  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 2,435 Valuable Player
    edited September 9
    Yep, great app. Only problem I have wife keeps asking..Why do you keep shouting 'Bail out! Bail out!

    LMAO!!!!  I can only imagine. 

    There is a guy on Twitch called Malic_VR that uses Voice Attack for EVERYTHING.  Lights, fans, Elite Dangerous, Music selections....

    Wouldn't be surprised if he had a command for flushing his toilet either.  :D  Just joking.
  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 2,435 Valuable Player
    @MalicTolsen here is the thread I told you about on Twitch.

  • Pixie40Pixie40 Posts: 506
    edited September 14
    One thing I could see working is having your flight sim cockpit set up to be somewhat modular, that way you can configure it depending on the flight sim you're going to be using. The goal then would be to precisely duplicate the in-app cockpit and instrument panels with your physical ones. That way you don't need to remember where a given panel or switch is, because you can see it in VR.

    Side thought, anyone else think that Hand Tracking could make flight sims even more immersive for those without the funds to setup a physical cockpit beyond a HOTAS and/or yolk? I know that Elite Dangerous feels more immersive when I use my HOTAS in VR because I can have the thrust control and joystick positioned identically to how they are arrayed in-game. But being able to actually use the various buttons and switches via reaching out and flipping them by hand would be amazing too.

    Of course, the holy grail would be Full Immersion like is shown in some anime or having an actual holodeck (without the frequent glitches that make it lethal).
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