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Why I think a Quest Style VR Headset will Ultimately come out on Top

I loved my Rift CV1 so much that when the Rift S came out, I put myself on the waiting list for 4 months until I was able to get that.  I chose the Rift S over the Quest after doing a ton of research reading reviews, asking questions, trying them on at Best Buy etc.  I am not here to debate which one is better for whatever reasons. We prefer what we prefer for all the reasons that have been beat to death in forums forever.

When I show my family and friends the Rift S and let them experience the wonders of VR, they are all very much impressed.  Most of them are not gamers, however they all have an appreciation for tech, science, history and most of all - entertainment.  Almost all of them are very excited after the experience and want to know what it costs to get into a set up.  That's where Oculus  (and other manufacturers) lose future potential customers.  I explain to them the costs associated with building a box with enough horsepower to run modern games and VR and they're done with the idea.  Nope.  My brother told me he could buy a good, used dirt bike for the cost of a VR set-up so why wouldn't he do that instead?   Hard to argue with that.  I love hitting the trails in my Polaris SXS.  Another couple I know, who loves my Rift, opted to buy a small boat and trailer instead of getting a VR system.  Again, hard to argue with that.

Which brings me to the Quest and why I think this is the future of VR infotainment.  When the masses can buy a single, stand alone piece of equipment for a few hundred bucks USD, without the investment in additional hardware (ie the mega-PC) AND get the quality of experience they are looking for, I think that's when VR will have arrived for the population at large.  Right now all of us in the hobby are, and have been, on the forefront of this still new-ish technology.  We are the beta-testers for an emerging tech and for that, we are paying the price for it to become attainable to more people and as much as I very much love my Rift S, I think it will be a Quest-type of setup that will get it there.

Just my two cents.  And my thanks to the admins for making this forum available.  I've had the Rift-affliction for over two years now and have just now become a member of this forum.

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