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Oculus Link Screen tearing/ stuttering

K9Ch33tahK9Ch33tah Posts: 3
When using the oculus quest with link I'm experiencing lots of stuttering/screen tearing. I have a Lenovo legion gaming computer (is listed as vr ready). Specs: Ryzen 5, Radeon rx 570, and 8gbs of ram. I'm using a usb 3.0 USB A - C cord. I have tried plugging it into different usb a ports with no success. Is there anything that im doing wrong or is my pc not meeting requirements?


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,315 Oculus Staff
    Hey @K9Ch33tah updating your USB drivers, removing non-Oculus USB devices other than the mouse and keyboard as well as trying another cable may result in helping the situation. Updating Windows is also another thing to try, as well as re-running the setup to repair the software. If you still have issues, reach out here. - Principe
  • K9Ch33tahK9Ch33tah Posts: 3
    Thanks i will try this and see what happens!
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