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Any way to stop page tearing occurring on the mirror of applications on the monitor?

Hi all

When my partner plays beat saber on the Oculus Rift S I notice screen tearing occurring on the monitor, this does not happen in the HMD.
This obviously happens because the application is being rendered at 80 fps for the headset, and it's being mirrored at that fps to the 60hz monitor.
My first thought was to enable vsync in the nvidia control panel, in the hopes that it'd sync all the frames to the headset, and drop the extra ones that are sent to the monitor. However this is not the case, and turning vsync on seems to have no effect, the application continues to run at 80fps on the monitor.
Just wondering if anyone's come up with any kind of solution to this so that vsync will work at 60fps on the monitor without limiting the fps of the headset?

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