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Oculus support sucks

griffmassgriffmass Posts: 4
I never wanted to make this message but Oculus support is truly atrocious. It has been about a full month going back and forth with Oculus support trying to fix my headset (Oculus Rift S) which I have been dying to use. They haven't responded to my emails for about 2 weeks now, I have been completely ghosted by them. The worst part is I can only rely on emails as they don't have a number to call so every email seems like it is just a copy paste of solutions that never seem to work. Even if I wanted to try and get my headset replaced I feel as if they will never even get back to me. The worst part is I worked all summer to get my headset which was $400 and it just doesn't work at all. In the beginning I would recommend Oculus to anyone looking into VR, but with a support team this bad It's almost worth just saving the extra money and buying a headset from another company that would probably help you fix your headset when you need it. I understand they are a big company with a lot on their hands but come on, I have had problems with big companies when using my pc, mouse, keyboard etc. and they all seem to find the time to help me out....


  • SuperUnknownDudeSuperUnknownDude Posts: 7
    So basically, you're using the support forums to rant instead of trying to see if anyone here might be able to help. Thanks for wasting 60 seconds of my life I can't get back.
  • griffmassgriffmass Posts: 4
    stfu I have been trying for a full month to see if anyone on here can help and I HAVE GOT NOTHING. Also people who have experienced the same problem as me have also found NO SOLUTION  OR HELP FROM OCULUS SUPPORT. Not my fault you decided to read my whole rant, I pray to god you can get those 60 seconds back must be so sad :((((((
  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 954 Oculus Staff
    Hello @griffmass I checked your tickets, and both were responded to. However neither of them received any reply and due to such were closed after a week. If you aren't receiving the replies to your email, including the junk or spam folders, then try another email or try here. You will need to create a new ticket, or try going through chat. - Principe
  • RealGrimRealGrim Posts: 4
    l m a o
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