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Quest Link (on Mac Bootcamp with eGPU)

So I have been trying to get my Quest working on my Mac and can't seem to make much progress....

1. Windows 10 is installed through Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro (2017, Intel Core i7)

2. My built in GPU is a Radeon Pro 560.

When I tried running Oculus, I would get the warning "your pc doesn't meet minimum requirements....etc.".

When I try to play Google Earth VR or other games, I would just get a black screen (audio would come through though). 

It also gives me the warning message that the cable I am using is not USB 3.0, even though I am using the one which was provided in the box as standard with the Quest. I have asked Oculus support is this one 100% USB 3.0 and they confirmed it is, but I wonder why it is still showing the error if this is the case... 

Anyway, due to the minimum requirements warning message, I got an eGPU (Radeon Pro WX5100 & Razer Core), installed this (which took ages as there was issues with the drivers) and have disabled the built in Radeon Pro 560, but this has not made any difference. I am still getting the minimum requirements warning message and the black screens on the games.

See attached some screenshots of the Task Manager which shows the eGPU in operation. And the Device Manager where you can see the current setup.

Any ideas are much appreciated. I feel like I am at a dead end at this stage! 


  • PiperyePiperye Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    I have the 2017 imac 27" with Radeon Pro 580, I too considered going down the eGPU path, but when I did the math, I decided it was a better idea to buy a Windows gaming laptop, guaranteed to work, and keeps the Quest portable.
  • NunyabinezNunyabinez Posts: 104
    edited September 13
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but getting an eGPU to work on Windows under bootcamp takes some ninja level wizardry. I looked into it once and realized that the amount of hoops to go through was just crazy. Using an eGPU under MacOS is fairly painless, but under Windows with a dedicated GPU already in your Mac is super hard. I think it is less hard if you have a MacBook that doesn't have a discrete GPU, but if you have an iMac or decent MacBook it's just not going to work without some effort. 

    If you want to try, here is a video that may be helpful 

    The part I don't know about is using the Link. Using a Rift or Rift S is more likely to succeed, because you are plugging an HDMI or DisplayPort cable directly into the eGPU. But the Quest is using USB and sending compressed video to the headset, so it is possible that it somehow still finds the internal GPU
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  • beebvirtualbeebvirtual Posts: 2
    Cheers for the video. 

    Getting it to work was not too bad (that is presuming it is working from the screenshot I posted of the Task Manager which shows it in operation). 

    The process was basically remove all AMD drivers on Windows and then install the correct one.

    I posted the same topic on Reddit and turns out the GPU I got is more of a work one, while I need a gaming one. 

    Furthermore, the cable which comes with the Quest is only for charging, not Quest Link (even though their support said it would be suitable). I used the thunderbolt USB-C cable which came with the eGPU and it removed the Oculus warning...

    So the POA is get a better cable and more suitable GPU and see what happens! 
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