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Oculus Link cable no longer works

RogueStargunRogueStargun Posts: 2
edited September 13 in Oculus Quest 2 and Quest
I have both the Anker 10 ft cable as well as the Oculus Link.

The Anker cable stopped working reliably about 2 months ago (it would frequently freeze up).
The Oculus link cable worked fine, but it seems to have stopped working completely with the last Oculus update (which I installed 2 hours ago). The Anker cable can still connect but very frequently freezes up, and is effectively useless for Unity game development or playing games for that matter.

This effectively leaves me with absolutely no options for my Unity VR gamedev project which is extremely disappointing. Since I spent $80 on this cable, if I cannot get this resolved, I would like to find the means to return this and get a full refund if possible.

I would like some help, but I am not quite sure what sort of logs I should be sending to Oculus.


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 954 Oculus Staff
    Hey @RogueStargun try removing other USB devices other than mouse/keyboard and the Quest, as well as updating your USB drivers and Windows itself. Re-running the setup to repair or reinstall the software might also result in fixing this, however if it persists, gather your diagnostic logs with the steps here and create a ticket here. - Principe
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