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nothing is working on oculus

baileyboy13baileyboy13 Posts: 1
ok.. i have been having this problem for a very long some i just want to install echo arena but it gets to 100% than goes away and says "sorry echo arena could not install go to oculus support for help but when i go there they just try to sell me vr headset no help nothing than i have been reading other people problems and say turn off antivirus so i do so nothing works still doing the same thing than i read to do the repair set up for oculus but it doesnt allow me to do a repair it just deletes oculus off my computer than i tried to get robo recall and the same problem happend and i lost robo recall so i lost 40 dollars and no matter how many oculus accounts i make  and every solution i could ever thing of NOTHING WORKS. ive lost a lot of money and when ever i try to get it back it doesnt allow me and i loose more and more money so someone please help me fix this im starting to get really mad with oculus and the oculus support doesnt halp at all just someone help me get this app working again please....
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