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Need Help! My Quest headset drifts over time when walking around.

Chester_7474Chester_7474 Posts: 6
Brain Burst

1. I need help with headset tracking accuracy.

2. I would like the headset tracking accuracy to be less than 0.5 inch.

Here is what I did to test the accuracy. First, I calibrate my 17x27 foot room by creating a circular guardian from the center of my living room. Then I mounted my touch controller to a table and created an object in the game world at this position. So, when I bring the touch controller back to this position, I can see how much the headset drifted by how much the game object moved. Next unmount the touch controller and walk around my living room looking through the hole by my nose to walk around my furniture. After about 3 minutes of walking around I check the drift by mounting the touch controller back to the mount on the table. I see the game object in the game world is off by 1 inch. The drift is random will continue and get worse the more I walk around. I stop testing after the drift reaches 3 inches.

To help tracking I covered my shinny leather couches with blankets and blocked out outside light. Also, I put up nine 8x4 foot matt white corrugated plastic panels on the walls with black matt tape of letters and symbols. The letters/symbols are about 2 feet long on the panels and each panel has one letter/symbol.

So, if you guys could help, I would appreciate it.



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