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Oculus' Facebook Decision

SteelbronSteelbron Posts: 2
I owned my Oculus Rift 2 less than 2 months and now I am going to sell it and request my Oculus account be closed.  It is unfortunate Oculus chose to hitch their wagon to Facebook - it demonstrates a complete and utter disregard for privacy and a huge lack of morality at the leadership level given all of Facebook's crap.  I will gladly spend more money on a VR solution that has NOTHING to do with Facebook.  Bad move, Oculus.  Hope you can sleep at night having sold your soul to the devil.


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,770 Volunteer Moderator
    Steelbron said:
    I will gladly spend more money on a VR solution that has NOTHING to do with Facebook.
    So... why did you buy a Facebook headset then? The Rift-S has "from facebook" on the box.
    The only Oculus headset that wasn't tied to facebook was the DK1 in 2013. Everything since then has been facebook. This forum is run by facebook. The account you posted this with is hosted by facebook.

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  • SteelbronSteelbron Posts: 2
    Well if you read the news you would have seen that it wasn't until recently they decided to force Facebook down our throats - they were 'by Facebook' but not 'integrated with to the point you cannot utilize as-sold functionality'.   We are now being forced into Facebook in order to utilize certain functionality such as grouping with friends.  So thank you for your astute observation about all the ways Facebook is behind this whole operation.  It makes it that much easier to leave.
  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 6,234 Volunteer Moderator
    edited September 16
    I think most people on the forum listen to the news and read the threads that are already discussing this subject. As such can your please contribute to the main thread on this rather than create new ones:

    This thread is very active and can usually be found on the first page. Multiple threads on the same subject mean that points that people make are likely to be either repeated of missed by subsequent posters.

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