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Screen Flickering.

Sadly my Rift S have a big issue..
When im playing any game like beat saber or VRChat.
Sometimes and mostly very heavy when longer using, my screen starts flickering..
My Game getting stucked, or needs to reload to fix it..

So sometimes its just Freeze for seconds without any reasons given..

My PC Specs are enought to run the VR.
Oculus Software is Updated, and runs on an M2.
Drivers are Updated too.

I had the Problem from the begin.. when i got the VR.. 
Im getting Crazy over here.. Hope somebody are able to help me with that issue.. it totally destroys the VR world for me..


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 954 Oculus Staff
    Hello @Venjox with flickering displays, try reseating the cable found behind the facial interface. They can individually be removed by gently pulling, and removing additional USB devices other than the keyboard, mouse and headset can assist with issues as well. If you still have issues, gather your diagnostic logs with steps here and create a ticket here. - Principe
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