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Terrible experience with low battery warnings; any way to turn this off?


I was just using my Oculus Rift S in iRacing, and midway through the race, suddenly I got a low battery warning for one of my controllers, which took me out of iRacing and into the Oculus home menu. This caused me to crash in the sim. This is a terrible user experience and I'm pretty mad that a stupid low battery warning completely ruined my race. The battery hadn't been low before this warning came up. Is there any way to avoid this, like a setting in Oculus to make the low battery warnings not completely interrupt the game currently running on the HMD? If not, this is an extremely bad decision by Oculus to make such an intrusive low battery warning especially when I'm playing a game that doesn't require the use of the touch controllers, and makes me reconsider my Oculus purchase. 


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